Technologies to Improve Machine and Manufacturing Process Performance

Cross Company Expanding in Knoxville

Cross Company will expand its Knoxville facilities to one new location next year. The Instrumentation Group and Integrated Systems Group broke ground for its new 22,000 square foot building and has big growth plans.

Read the article from the Knoxville News Sentinel (Shelley Kimel)

Give Your Universal Robot a Sense of Touch: Robotiq FT300

Specifically designed to plug-and-play with Universal Robots, the Robotiq FT300 makes automation of high precision tasks

New Hydraulic Oil is NOT Clean Hydraulic Oil

WARNING! New Hydraulic fluid is not necessarily clean hydraulic fluid!

Scott Fetzer Electrical Group & Universal Robots Solution

Cross Company Automation worked with Scott Fetzer Electrical Group to implement several Universal Robots solutions that have helped...

About Cross Company

Cross Company’s specialty is applying a wide range of technologies to improve machine and manufacturing process performance. We help solve some of industry’s most challenging applications for:

  • Process Control & Instrumentation
  • Machine Automation
  • Hydraulic and Electronic Control Systems for Mobile Equipment
  • Fluid Conveyance Systems

We accomplish this with specialized sales and engineering teams in each of these respective areas, and also offer complete systems integration capabilities for process control applications. Our 100% employee-owned ESOP culture ensures that our customers will receive honest answers, professional courtesy and outstanding customer service.

Employee owned and operated; positions available throughout the Southeast
Customer satisfaction and helping your machine and manufacturing process performance are our primary goals. Feedback is key to maintaining our high standard of customer service. Please use the form above to let us know how we're doing in our mission to help you. Thank you again for your participation and for your ongoing support.