Collaborative Robotics

Specifically designed to plug-and-play with Universal Robots, the Robotiq FT300 makes automation of high precision tasks

Cross Company Automation worked with Scott Fetzer Electrical Group to implement several Universal Robots solutions that have helped increase their productivity (20%) and employee safety. SFEG is a high-mix, low volume producer, so mobile collaborative robots were the best solution.

Our customer PeakLogix captured Steve Dickerson, Motion Control Business Unit Manager, explaining the benefits of collaborative robots in the current/future workspace.

Cross Company Automation performs an impromptu proof of concept for a reel assembly application during one of their recent seminars.

This is a proof of concept Universal Robots live demonstration done within 2 hours of arriving on location. Lynn Crump decided to solve the customer's application rather than do a generic demo. The Robotiq gripper provided a quality handle on the uneven object.

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