Cross Company

CEO Steve Earley discusses 4 of the best business practices he has come across in his time leading Cross Company: creating a culture of employee engagement, effective strategic planning and execution, attracting and developing human talent, and turning sales and marketing into a collaborative partnership. Steve also shares several services and tools that Cross Company has used to achieve these practices.

The old school perception and use of Human Resources will stunt your company's growth potential. It's time to embrace a modern HR partnership to help achieve your company's strategic goals.

Cross Company has a long-standing culture of encouraging and providing for associate improvement. We truly value our associates and their diverse talents and want you to grow both professionally and personally.

Customer expectations for how a business-to-consumer relationship should work have changed dramatically over the last decade. How has your business evolved with its customers and associates?

Cross Company has made many acquisitions throughout its history. What happens to our ESOP when we acquire another company?

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